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About Us

Welcome to Dreamtime Kullilla-Art!

An Aboriginal owned Art Gallery and Retailer with an extensive range of authentic Aboriginal artwork and merchandise. All of which is available in our Clontarf store and online. The Art Gallery showcases the work of business owner Michael J Connolly, and other renowned Aboriginal artists. Michael takes inspiration from his Aboriginal heritage and the ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. His art and passion for culture are a tribute to his ancestors the Kullilli and Murruwari People. This is what has brought Dreamtime Kullilla Art to life.


Our 100% Indigenous family owned and operated store provides a unique shopping experience. Providing a feast of vibrant, culturally significant Aboriginal designs expressed in a wide range of formats. Aboriginal artwork, handcrafted artefacts, homewares, gifts, apparel, jewellery, stationery, and bush tucker are just some of the products we stock. Our customers call it their 'One Stop Cultural Shop'. Shop with the confidence that your purchases are authentic in origin and will benefit the Aboriginal designers.


Every purchase made at Dreamtime Kullilla-Art is backed by the owner's personal guarantee. Our range has been curated for cultural authenticity and every Aboriginal designer's work featured is recognised through royalty paid licenses.


Visit us in our store at Unit 1/349 Macdonnell Rd, Clontarf Qld or shop online at, and we will bring THE ONE STOP CULTURAL SHOP wherever you may be.

Authentic products

Authentic products

Honest pricing

Honest pricing

Genuine service

Genuine service

Michael's Biography

Michael Connolly hails from Charleville, located in south west Queensland. He is a descendant of the Kullilla Tribe from the Thargomindah and Eulo region on his Father's side, as well as from the Muruwari People from Goodooga and Brewarrina region of north-west New South Wales on his Mother's side. These ancestral connections have allowed him to establish traditional trade and diplomatic links with Central Desert, South Australian, and Northern New South Wales' Aboriginal Communities. Michael's profound Indigenous heritage, coupled with his unique interpretation of cultural traditions, enables him to offer a distinctive perspective in the visual and performing arts, enriching his work in cross-cultural settings.


Michael is a dedicated and driven professional Aboriginal artist and craftsman, possessing exceptional interpersonal skills. He has collaborated extensively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, business partners, stakeholders, and the wider Australian community.


Starting his career as an individual Aboriginal artist and performer in Brisbane, Queensland, Michael has transitioned to focusing on personal and business growth for Dreamtime Kullilla-Art. Today, he is celebrated as a distinguished Aboriginal artist and craftsman, performer, and facilitator. Michael is committed to enhancing his business operations while simultaneously advocating for and increasing awareness of Aboriginal culture and its people, driven by his profound respect for the diverse histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia.

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Our People


Michael Connolly

(Artist, Cultural Educator & Owner) 

As in-house artist and resident schmoozer, 'have-a-chat' shows up to work because of his passion for his cultural heritage, he relishes the opportunity to share his stories and nothing beats the liberating thrill of being your own boss!


Jo Connolly

(Business Director & Owner)

Being the Boss of all things, she finds joy in going to work every day due to her passion for her job. Through building relationships with clients and vendors, she has been able to support her family and take pride in the business she and Michael have built.


(Dispatch Manager)

As in-house bush tucker enthusist she loves going to work because she gets to explore bush tucker and try out different spices and flavors, satisfying her inner foodie. 


(Social Media & Retail Assistant) 


(Business Development Manager) 

She believes she holds authority over everything, and her enthusiasm for art and culture drives her to come to work every day. Not only does she enjoy spending time with her family, but she also takes pride in nurturing DKA and continuing the legacy of being the ultimate one-stop-cultural-shop. 

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Celebrating 25 years of integrity in culture


Authentic products * Honest pricing * Genuine service


We are passionate about our product and our brand and trust you will become too.
Welcome to Dreamtime Kullilla-Art!



Come walk with us and appreciate all we have to offer in The One Stop Cultural Shop.

Learn and appreciate Aboriginal culture from the First Peoples of this Land.

Watch as Aboriginal Artist, Michael Connolly (Munda-gutta Kulliwari) produces a range of beautiful artworks on canvas, didgeridoos, bark and other various items.

Dreamtime Kullilla-Art has grown from a humble stall travelling between markets around SE Queensland and Internationally to the professional cultural business we are today. Specialising in authentic Aboriginal Art & Craft and Bush Tucker Products, Dreamtime Kullilla-Art delivers locally from our retail premises on the Redcliffe Peninsula and to the rest of the world via our online shop.