Michael's Biography

Michael Connolly hails from Charleville, a town nestled in the picturesque south west Queensland. His ancestral roots run deep, as he is a proud descendant of the Kullilla Tribe from the Thargomindah and Eulo region on his Father's side. On his Mother's side, he traces his lineage back to the Muruwari People from the Goodooga and Brewarrina region of north-west New South Wales. These communities have a rich history of traditional trade and diplomatic connections with Aboriginal Communities in the Central Desert, South Australia, and Northern New South Wales. With such a diverse and vibrant Indigenous background, Michael possesses a unique lens through which he interprets his cultural heritage. This perspective shines through in his remarkable contributions to the visual and performing arts. Michael's work in cross-cultural contexts is informed by his deep understanding of his roots, allowing him to offer a fresh and captivating perspective that resonates with audiences far and wide.

Michael, a passionate and driven professional Aboriginal artist and craftsman, possesses exceptional interpersonal skills. He has collaborated extensively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, business partners, stakeholders, and the wider Australian public. Michael's journey has seen him evolve from a solo artist and performer in Brisbane to a key figure in Dreamtime Kullilla-Art, where he is now celebrated as a prominent Aboriginal artist, craftsman, performer, and facilitator. Committed to enhancing his enterprise, Michael also strives to advocate for and shed light on Aboriginal culture and its people, inspired by the profound diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories in Australia.

Michael, an Indigenous Australian Ambassador, has had the incredible opportunity to showcase Aboriginal culture in various countries such as Brunei, India, Malta, Singapore, Switzerland, China, and Hong Kong. His extensive international experience highlights his ability to effectively promote and preserve Aboriginal traditions while adapting to diverse cross-cultural environments. One of the most memorable aspects of Michael's career has been playing the didgeridoo and performing in different countries. Alongside his artistic pursuits, he also dedicates his time to cross-cultural training, consultancy, and mentoring. Moreover, Michael has played a crucial role in supporting remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, assisting them in becoming more self-sufficient in areas like tourism, land management, and market gardening.

Since May 1996, Michael has embarked on a remarkable journey as the Director/Owner of Dreamtime Kullilla-Art. His diverse roles as an Aboriginal Artist/Craftsman, Didgeridoo Performer, Indigenous Business Consultant, and Cultural Educator and Trainer have kept him fully engaged. Alongside his wife, he manages a vibrant Aboriginal Art & Craft Retail Shop and Gallery in Clontarf. Additionally run a thriving Online Shop that ships exquisite creations and gifts  across Australia and around the World.

Michael uses the artist name of Munda-gutta Kulliwari which means ‘you know me before you see me’.