Bush Tucker

Before European settlement over 220 years ago, the Australian Aborigines ate rich exciting and balanced diets of seasonal fruit, nuts, roots, vegetables, meat & fish – all indigenous varieties and species and each totally adapted to this unique environment. Most importantly, Aborigines are the caretakers of their tribal lands and the plants and animals created by the ancestral beings – each food therefore has ceremonial or religious importance.

Fortunately, the Aboriginal People from the various Communities have shared their immense knowledge of the properties of native fruits and plants generously in the hope that ALL Australians and visitors to this country will learn to RESPECT their land ownership and their heritage – a unique heritage of unique value to world zoology, botany, cuisine and medicine.

Many Australians have never even tasted bush foods and yet the variety and quality of culinary experiences they offer is enormous and the Aborigines are generous in sharing their knowledge learnt over 100,000 years of trial and error of harvesting and ways of preparation for cuisine and medicine. Recently non-Aboriginal people too have started to discover these fruits and vegetables.Tests have proved the nutritional value of these foods; many fruits are rich in vitamins, among other things.

Whether you are just a novice or experienced ‘foodie’ allow us to entice you to find new and interesting ways to incorporate our native bush tucker into your daily life and hope our Bush Tucker range of native herbs, spices, fruits etc will encourage you keep coming back. We hope that we can inspire you to create and enjoy many memorable meals.

We have a fair range of native jams, sauces, herbs & spices, selection of fresh frozen native fruits, berries and greens all under one roof to make your bush tucker journey and easy one. Our Online Shop is open 24/7 for your convenience or you are welcome to come and browse our Shop Gallery in Redcliffe.