I Am - Aborigine

I am born of the land, my soul is the sun
Nature is my mother, I am, mother nature's own son
The wind is my spirit, running wild, running free
The water is my mirror, reflecting visions of me
I am like a great river that slowly runs dry
Polluted and abused I am the river, slowly - I die
I am a child of the earth, created from dust
I live for the land, taking only what I must
I am a hunter of animals, imitating their stance
I am what I hunt, I am it's spirit in the dance
I am a painter of walls, I am an artist of dreams
Depicting mythological creatures, and spirits in my scenes
I am from the never never, a long time gone by
The Dreaming is my creation, I am at home when I die
I own no land, for the land owns me
That's the way it has been, how it always will be
For I am what I am - I am - Aborigine

Stephen Clayton